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 Enterprise Hardware Sales

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Enterprise Hardware Sales can put you at the cutting edge of technology, demanding knowledge of both hardware and the software systems that are used, and networking within the enterprise. Items sold range from single items for a few hundred dollars each, to multi-million-dollar, multi-year contracts for a complete suite of products and consulting services. The complexity of the sale makes your successful track record highly sought after. You will sell consultatively to engineers, administrators, CIOs, CFOs, CEOs, and sometimes Board Members. You must be able to prove that you can manage a long, complex sales cycle, which includes technology assessments and business analysis. Heavy travel is usually involved. If you can communicate intelligently and persuasively, then Enterprise Hardware Sales is a rewarding career for you.

  Recommended Requirements:

Successfull JustCloser applicant traits

Well Rounded. Ambitious. Focused. An excellent communicator. Able to solve problems. Aggressive and tenacious, willing to meet or exceed challenging sales goals. A Road Warrior.

Important JustCloser applicant skills

Great communication and organizational skills are very important. Must have a creative, consultative approach to solving client problems. Must be able to perform technology assessment and consultation services.  A strong understanding in Networking, Telecommunication, Storage, Security or vender specific hardware may be required.  Related Experience in this field is a huge advantage.

Average JustCloser applicant salary

With a small amount of related experience look for $40K-$64K base. If you have a powerful resume, get in with a good company, and work hard, you can expect $80K -$150K.
Most companies require a large amount of traveling so keep this in mind as well.

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