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 Financial Services Sales

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With the ever increasing variety of sophisticated financial services offerings available today, the need for professional financial services representatives has never been greater!  Whether its mortgage services, collection services, credit card services, lending, factoring or electronic payments systems, the opportunities abound.  The most important part of financial services sales is building the customer base and assisting the client in identifying and understanding their financial services needs.

  Recommended Requirements:

Successful JustCloser applicant traits

Experience in working with potential and existing clients to analyze financial needs and identify appropriate services or products that meet those needs.


Important JustCloser applicant skills 

Must be able to identify and understand clients' financial needs and concerns.  Ability to prepare, present and sell financial solutions to prospects and existing client base. 

Average JustCloser applicant salary 

Financial Services Sales Representatives are typically offered a salary base plus commission.  Depending on experience and the financial services product or service sold, salaries can range from $28K to six figures plus.



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