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Enterprise Software Sales

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Enterprise Software Sales is truly a career that is limitless.  Sales can vary from $200 for a simple 1-year contract, to complex $500,000-and-up deals with multi-year development and service contracts. The Sales Cycle can be very long: from a few months to over a year. In your Solution Selling, you will work with engineers, network specialists, Managers, C-Level executives, and sometimes the Board of Directors in complex, multi-level organizations. The payoff is well worth the required extra effort to land such large deals. Your well-rounded knowledge of IT infrastructure will work with your Application Development Skills and overall business acumen. Knowledge of various Web Technologies is usually required. Above all, you must be able to intelligently and persuasively present the many benefits that your product has to offer, including but not limited to Return On Investment calculations for the prospective client's purchase.

  Recommended Requirements:

Successfull JustCloser applicant traits

Well rounded, Ambitious, Focused, and Energetic. Creative and Consultative. Must be able to analyze complex business and technical problems while mapping a path towards the customer’s solution. Must be aggressive and tenacious, willing to meet or exceed challenging sales goals. Must be willing to travel heavily.

Important JustCosers applicant skills

Great communication and organizational skills. Problem solving. Proven ability to manage long, complex sales cycles. Conversational knowledge of basic web technologies, including but not limited to: networking infrastructure, communications techniques, and relational databases. Related experience in this field is a huge advantage. 

Average JustCloser applicant salary 

With a small amount of related experience, look for $64K-$68K. If you have a powerful resume, get in with a good company, and work hard, you can expect $80K -$125K a year.
Most companies generally require a large amount of traveling so keep this in mind as well.


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