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Economists tell us we are headed for an unprecedented boom in investment as Baby Boomers save for their retirement years. The variety and sophistication of financial instruments has grown, and an educated public is more willing than ever to venture into these financial opportunities. The most important part of the job is building a customer base. Creativity in reaching out and finding clients will lead to tremendous success. Hard work and a drive to succeed can take you as far as you want to go. You must have a 4-year degree, have passed all State Licensing requirements plus the Series 7 exam, and be a Registered Representative with the NASD.

  Recommended Requirements:

Successful JustCloser applicant traits

Professional and Aggressive. Energetic. Able to quickly gain people’s trust. Extremely confident of your abilities as a high-income producer. Business savvy. Emotionally self-controlled, able to handle pressure and stress.

Important JustCloser applicant skills

Outstanding relationship building skills. Knack for math and statistics. Time management. Ability to master details while keeping the Big Picture in view. Great memory for details.

Average JustCloser applicant salary 

Stock Brokers are typically 100% commission. Full-Service brokerage and discount houses typically offer a small salary. With some relevant experience look for $44K-$54K. If you have a powerful resume, get in with a good company, and work hard, you can expect $100K-$350K a year.

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