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 Industrial Equipment Sales


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Industrial Equipment Sales is the perfect career opportunity for any seasoned sales professional that possesses strong Technical Knowledge or a background in Industrial Equipment. You will be expected to knowledgeably sell complete lines of Industrial Equipment. Whether its engines, filters, panels, converters, generators, or pumps. Most companies provide extensive in-depth training, support, and inventory to equip you to do what you do best.

  Recommended Requirements:

Successfull JustCloser applicant traits

Technical Savvy with a Dynamic Personality and a drive to succeed. Must also be able to work under Minimal Supervision.

Important JustCloser applicant skills

Established experience selling to Distributors and Original Equipment Manufacturers is a plus. A technical background and knowledge of industry specific equipment will be required to successfully communicate with potential customers and to identify new sales opportunities. If you come to a company with some basic knowledge, they will be more than happy to help fill in the cracks with further training.

Average JustCloser applicant salary 

Look to start out at around $40K a year.  Like most other sales positions, with time, hard work, and talent you can reach $200K a year.

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