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 New Car Sales

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As a New Car Sales Associate you will sell automobiles by understanding and demonstrating characteristics, capabilities, and features to potential customers. You will need to help develop and qualify potential buyers and then skillfully close the sale. Common tasks include product recommendations, selling additional features or options, ordering vehicles with required options, preparing sales contracts, and helping the customer with any questions he or she may have.  The key to succeeding in New Car Sales is being sociable, persuasive and honest. You must be able to skillfully negotiate with the customer while walking a fine line between applying some pressure but not too much, which is why a lot of new car sales people are given a bad name.

  Recommended Requirements:

Successful JustCloser applicant traits
Energetic with a Great Personality and Interpersonal Skills.

Important JustCloser applicant skills

2 or more years sales experience is preferred. A proven track record of achieving or over-achieving sales goals will go a long way in showing them you have what it takes. An Associate or Bachelor's Degree in Business or another related field would be nice and would help you stand out.

Average JustCloser applicant salary 

Most companies offer benefits such as health, dental, paid vacation and 401(k) programs.  Employee Vehicle Purchase Programs are also sometimes available.  If you are a rookie, look to enter the business at $25K-$35K a year.  A talented New Car Salesperson with a couple of years under their belt can expect to bring in $50K-$100K a year.

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