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Let your creativity be the key to your success! With the communication and media industry constantly growing, this is the perfect time to build a sales career in Advertising, Marketing, and Media. Knowledge of media research, product branding, and niche consumer marketing are key in this industry. The ideal candidate will have the ability to adapt and grow with new emerging technology and display strong sales skills when targeting potential consumers.  

Recommended Requirements:

Successfull JustCloser applicant traits
Great communication skills, excellent presentation and writing skills, expert understanding of the internet as well as outstanding phone skills, understanding of internet and advertising and public relations campaign process, self-motivated, strategic thinker, results oriented, customer focused.

Important skills for JustClosers applicants

Detail-oriented, organized, whatever-it-takes attitude, ability to COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY with C-Level executives, ability to up sell customers based upon performance and RDI.

Background experience for JustCloser applicants

Bachelor's Degree in Advertising/PR, 2-4 years experience with Advertising/PR firm, successful track record of selling large transactions to Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies.

Average salary for JustCloser applicants

As an Advertising Executive with 2-4 years experience, you can expect to earn between $50-$60k a year. However, if you have key media contacts, experience generating new business with a documented track record, and get in with a strong company, you can easily bring in $135,000-$180,000 a year.


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