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Medical Equipment Sales

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If you have the drive to succeed, you can become a Medical Equipment Sales Associate and earn a six figure income in no time. With a great attitude, interpersonal skills, and a strong knowledge of the respective products you intend to sell, you can enjoy this lucrative field. Medical Equipment Sales enjoys a high profit margin with most sales to hospitals or private offices. Most companies even provide in-depth training, support, and inventory for demonstration and for delivery.

  Recommended Requirements:

Successful JustCloser applicant traits

Energetic with a great personality and interpersonal skills. Must be able to build long lasting relationships with customers.


Important JustCloser applicant skills

A College Degree is generally preferred but not always required. Experience with Medical Sales is important.

Average JustCloser applicant salary 

Some companies offer benefits such as a free cell phone, Car Allowance, Expenses, 401K, and Health Insurance. If you have previous sales experience and a Bachelors Degree, look to enter the business at $45K-$50K a year base salary. A talented Medical Equipment Salesperson with a couple of years under their belt can expect to bring in $80K-$100K a year or more.

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