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 IT Consulting Professional Services

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As an Information Technology Consultant you will have a rewarding, challenging and prestigious career. You will help businesses and other organizations by identifying problems, recommending solutions, and even implementing system changes. You must have at least 7-10 years of experience; a degree is not always required. IT Consultants are among the most highly paid professional consultants. A recent survey by the Association of Management Consulting Firms found entry-level consultants earn an average of $58,000 annually while senior partners earn an average of $259,000 (including bonuses and profit sharing). Self-employed consultants may earn anywhere from $100 to $350 per hour.

  Recommended Requirements:

Successful JustCloser applicant traits

A field specialist able to identify and provide customized solutions for various technology or special problems a business or organization may have. Must be creative.. 

Important JustCloser applicant skills

Expert knowledge in the field of choice is required. Sales experience is also a plus to help the client realize the true value of their Return on Investment. Project management skills are crucial.

Average JustCloser applicant salary 

With some relevant experience look to bring in $83K-$95K a year. If you have a powerful resume, and work hard, in several years you can expect to bring in $110K-$250K a year. 

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